Saturday, 29 December 2012

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

The natural look | Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser 

Having always been quite self conscious about my skin, I never thought the day would come where I would convert to wearing tinted moisturiser over a full coverage foundation. 

So when my friend Laura and I popped into Space Nk in Muswell Hill for a little make-over, and I decided to give Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser a go. We weren't doing anything that day so I figured it didn't matter if I ended up looking horrific... hehe 
Needless to say, I actually ended up wanting to buy everything she applied on me... c'mon girls, we've all been there, right?!

I'm not going to lie to you, the first time I tried it, I did feel a little naked. I'm so used to having a mask, it felt kind of funny not having complete coverage, and I did feel a little bare. 
It soon grew on me though, and I believe it or not, I actually feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin now. I've got used to wearing less, I feel a little bit more like 'me', if that makes sense?

This tinted moisturiser has a beautiful consistency to it, it sinks in so quickly and leaves my skin feeling nourished & hydrated. It's great for evening out the skin tone and just making your skin look like a better version of itself, rather than just covering it up completely. 
If you have spots or blemishes you will want to conceal them after applying this, as the coverage isn't enough to be able hide them completely (it's descirbed as a 'no-make-up' look). I've found wearing less coverage has actually improved my skin as far as blemishes are concerned. It's also oil free, perfect for someone like me who has quiet oily skin anyway.  

My favourite thing about this, is that it's so lightweight it's almost as though you aren't wearing anything at all, you don't get that feeling at the end of the day where you're desperate to take off your face! It's so nice to feel like you're wearing less, and I actually think it looks nicer too. much more fresh faced and natural. 

There are 12 shades to choose from, and it comes in a squeezy tube, which I really like as it's light to carry round in my make up bag. It's £33, which I know to some of you may seem like a lot, but you really don't need to apply much to get a nice even coverage. I've always been a great believer in 'you get what you pay for' as far as foundation, bases and skincare are concerned, and this is no exception. 

So, if you're feeling brave and fancy trying a base with a little less coverage than normal, I'd definitely recommend this.

Have you ever tried laura mercier tinted moisturiser? Do you normally wear a tinted moisturiser or are you a more full coverage kind of girl?


  1. I've always wanted to try this. I keep using my BB cream at the moment and my skin is 10x better than what it was before. :)
    Love Laura Mercier's silk cream foundation, it's brilliant xxx

  2. i tried the laura mercier tinted moisturizer but didn't quite know how to work it - like you mentioned its soooo sheer, felt like nothing on my skin. i guess it's really more of a day moisturizer for days we don't need to wear much face makeup at all (we all hope for more of these days! hehe) i've been using the origins BB cream instead these days as it has a bit more of a sheer coverage, while still letting my skin breathe through :)

    rachel x

  3. have heard so many good things about this but don't think it would be enough for my skin :( i have a few acne scars and whatnot so need more full coverage. but if god ever grants me the gift of clear, perfect skin this will be on the top of my list! xoxo

  4. I'm actually dying to try this! I wish there were testers around though :( I have oily skin and am really fussy with my foundations so always want to try before spend a fortune on something. Anyway you look lovely and I think you've got a beautiful skin, you definitely don't even need the lightest foundation! ;) Xx

    1. i know i wish they did testers too. you should do what i did, get them to put it on you and wear it for the day to see if you like it :) xx

  5. I have tried the oil-free version as I have oily skin, but I just couldn't make it work for me! I guess I am just too oily :) I love the finish and coverage it gives though, it looks gorgeous!

  6. Hannah you are such a babe! you make me want to but everything you write about. I really wanna try this and the silk creme foundation not heard a bad work about them yet. hope you had a lovely christmas xx

  7. i really need to try laura mercier face stuff x

  8. I have the original version of this as I have normal/dry skin but I absolutely love and prefer the Nars tinted moisturiser instead of it, it's just beautiful! I always wear tinted moisturiser and only wear foundation for nights out.

    Gem x

  9. I really want to attempt to start wearing a tinted moisturiser, but my skin is just so blotchy I'd feel so self conscious without a layer of medium foundation!


  10. I haven't tried it, yet :)

  11. Hannah you are so beautiful! I really want to try some Laura Mercier and this sounds great but I'm too nervous about my skin at the minute! xx

  12. That picture of you is just stunning!

    You also make me want to buy every single product you blog about! I just wish I could afford them all! xx

  13. I do really want to try this but I'm put off by the price... maybe I'll pop in and have a test run to see if I like it first :) Your skin is gorgeous! x

  14. I'm going to try and drop the full coverage for something lighter too. Definitely will look at this now x

  15. Yes, love all of her TM's and her foundations are beautiful too. I was using the oil free tinted moisturiser during the summer as it's so hot here, but now I'm on to Silk Creme Foundation for the Winter months :)

  16. your skin looks flawless! I need to try this!