Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MAC Trend Book Autumn/Winter 2012

Hey beautifuls, how are your weeks going so far?

I'm a tad hungover today (yes, I went out on a 'school night' again, when will I learn?!). I'm not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to wear my duvet into the office today!
Last night we went to the launch party for the new Halo 4 Xbox game, I know it sounds super geeky, but any event with a free bar you can't go wrong! I saw the Made in Chelsea chaps again, and a few of the TOWIE cast too, I didn't take any photos for you guys though 'cos I didn't wanna be all fan-girl when nobody else was really taking any photos...

Today I thought I'd show you something I am a very lucky little sausage to have. The Mac Trend book of Autumn/Winter 2012. I know this is super hard to get hold of and they only really send it to the bigger make-up artists, but my boyfriend is a jammy thing and managed to get me a copy of my own.

I absolutely love it. It basically tells you what the MAC predictions of the make-up styles that are going to be trending in all the fashion capitals like London, Paris, New York, Milan etc this season. In each shot they've done, they list the products used for each part of the face, and then describe how it was applied, so you can go off and achieve it yourself.

I've been loving all the London and New York trends, I've definitely noticed a 'no make up' make up look. I'm definitely keen to embrace that! Some of the models look like they're wearing nothing at all, but they're actually wearing rather a lot, it's so clever.

I think I'm going to try a few looks from this book and blog them for you. How do you feel about the 'no make-up' make up trend this season?


  1. ahhh that looks like a super exciting book to have! cant wait to hear more about it from you, lucky girl :)
    i personally always love the no makeup look - i think its the true test to makeup skills and always great to throw on for relaxing weekends

    rachel x

  2. Such a lucky little lady Han! :D So jealous of all your rendezvous with the MIC/TOWIE cast! I'd be desperate to take photos but would be like you and not want to seem like an obsessed fan - even though I AM! haha!

    You look beaut as always xxxxx


  3. omg! lucky lil sausage indeed! looks fab doll and hope the hangover has shifted!!


  4. That looks like an amazing book! JEALOUS of you meeting MIC guys again...was Jamie there?! Love him - although not so much after last night's episode, haha xxx

  5. I've always wanted one of their Trend books, So jealous! It looks amazing. xxx

  6. Your so lucky to have that book it looks great!


  7. Ahhh that book looks amazing. Lucky girl! X

  8. Omg the book looks amazing <3

  9. Ohhh you lucky, lucky thing! That is a book of absolute beauty!
    Cannot wait to see the looks you recreate from this book :) Another great blog post, as always :) x

  10. Can't wait to see the results of your looks <3!

  11. omg amazing! lucky you!!! :)

  12. How lucky are you?!! I'm now following your blog cos it's brilliant, please check out mine and follow back if you like it :) xx


  13. WOW you are lucky, looks amazing!

    HannahMay xo

  14. this book looks amazing ! you bf is fab ! xx

  15. Ooh that looks interesting! Lucky girl :) I think I like the no makeup makeup trend hehe as long as you can pull it off, I think I can't though. Loved all your latest Yt vids btw, you're so pretty! And thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog, I agree it's probably something everyone has to go through at some stage of their live. So jealous you got to meet the cast of Towie haha xx