Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I fell totally and utterly in love last weekend.
I took a little trip in to Burberry on Oxford streetpurely to help my boyfriend pick out a new trench coat.
I'd promised myself that I would keep my eyes tightly shut and walk straight past the women’s department, knowing it was more than likely I would spy something I'd fall desperately in love with, consequently spending the next few months in agony not being able to purchase it.

Trust me to go ahead and spot possibly the most expensive trench they have in the whole bloody women’s department. A whopping £3,500.
Isn't it gorgeous? And besides, who doesn't want to shop somewhere where they offer you wine?!

I just love how this is a such a stunning fashion twist on the classic iconic trench. It's such a statement with the studded leather arms and luxurious real fur collar. *swoons*

Can anyone suggest a good high street copy? I haven't seen anything like this, so please let me know if there's a more affordable version!

Have you ever fallen in love with something completely out of your price range?


  1. I totally adore Burberry this season, i wanted a ox blood wool coat and when i was in America it was in the sale at £990 but it was still way to much to pay on a coat that wouldn't be in fashion next year.



  2. That coat is beautiful! I've always wanted a Chanel or Mulberry bag but there's no way I could justify that amount of money! Maybe if I win the lottery... xx

  3. Wow, that's amazing! I've fallen in love with the Chanel Executive Tote after seeing a video review on youtube, one day it will be mine! (In my dreams!) xxx

  4. Ahh I've always wanted a Burberry coat...gorgeous!

  5. I love that coat, so so gorgeous x

  6. Wow that's beautiful!! Maybe you'll just have to get friendly with a model who does some Burberry modelling???
    I love the Chanel 2.55 handbag but it's way out of my price range unfortunately!

  7. omg this coat is unreal! you can imagine ladies in paris walking around in this, love the suds on the arm. i dont think id be able to buy anything for the next 5 years if i purchased this! can dream though :) xx

  8. Wow, it is gorgeous but sadly, I don't think that would ever be in my price range. I hope you find a high street copy(ish).

  9. That coat is awesome!
    But truly really expensive... :-/

  10. Just found your blog - love it. Love the coat too. You should buy a decent cream mac without breaking the bank, then visit a haberdashery for some studs and find a good seamstress = your own bespoke version for a fraction of the price!x

  11. Oh my gosh, that coat is just too lovely! Too bad I can't afford it, wish I could though! Please do let us know in case you find a decent high street copy :) xx