Monday, 24 September 2012

The New Oxford Street Primark

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I ventured to the new Oxford Street Primark on Thursday on my lunchbreak.
I'm not meaning to sound like a total snob here, (and I don't mean to offend any of you who regularly shop in Primark) but I don't do Primark.
I just find it really stressful, I get really hot when shops are too busy, and then I get stressed, and then I have to leave because all I do is think about how hot and stressed I am. Weird I know.
 Also, I'd usually rather buy just one nice thing in Topshop, rather than a few things somewhere cheaper that wont last as long.
I'm not really one for digging around in shops, I like to walk in and be able to see everything and Primark is usually quite messy. So, I'm not going to lie, I was feeling totally skeptical about it and thought I'd pretty much run away crying/having a panic attack.

But, to my complete and utter surprise I loved it. It was tidy, size ordered, not overly crowded and HUGE. The selection of clothes, shoes and accessories were absolutely great. They have loads of Topshop and Zara copycats. I saw so many gorgeous shirts, dresses, shoes, coats, bags... I could go on & on. I think if you select things carefully in Primark then mix them with pieces from other shops, you can get away with it not looking like it's from Primark at all, agree?

I have totally been converted. But shhhh.

I got these cute little faux suade loafers for £6 and these spotty tights were only £2.50. Let's face it, I could just about get a pair of tights in Topshop for that price. I know they wont last for very long, but for 'throw-away' fashion, and a sneaky pre-payday treat, I think they're absolute gems.
I've always been so jealous seeing other bloggers showing the little beauts they got in Primark, and now I have one around the corner, I'll become one of you :)

Anyway, I hope I've inspired some of you to go shopping, hehe. Do you shop in Primark? Have you found any gems? Will you be visiting the new Oxford street Primark?


  1. I don't usually shop there, I have exactly the same problem with the crazy atmosphere as you do! Plus I would feel bad if there was something I liked in a shop I liked and it was ripped off in Primark and I bought the Primark version instead...but still...I know it can be great for a bargain sometimes!



    1. hahah i know what you mean, i want the zara dupe bag, but i cant go into zara while wearing the dupe... #embarrassing!

  2. I dont shop in Primark often but when I do go in I find a couple of great pieces! I think you need to have a right good look to find something good!xxx

  3. I 'don't do' Primark either, I like my clothes to be good quality. However, saying that I wouldn't be opposed to having a look around a larger store... but similarly to you I can't cope when a high street store feels like a jumble sale! Loving those tights on you xx

  4. I know exactly what you mean! I think it depends on the primark, The one in cities such as Manchester (where I go to) they have a good range. They have started upping their prices (for primark) so they are making of a effort :) It is quite good :)

    Love Nafisah

  5. I loove primark simply because it's cheap and cheerful! and they have been doing VERY well with their clothes lately, some really nice stuff at the moment! I'm glad you've been converted... it's amazing! :)
    fun fact: im from ireland and we dont call it primark, we call it penneys, but its the same shop!

  6. I hate shopping in primark too but I just can't resist a bargain :) xx

  7. I love Primark!! Glad you liked it :)You got very cute stuff :)



  8. Totally agree! I think Primark is a go for leggings & big cosy sweaters! ;) x

  9. Everybody seem to love Primark at the moment. I'll definitely be checking it out when I go to London.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  10. I love primark and oxford street! Primark has amazing tights, leggings, sweaters and pretty much things that you need for everyday use and I love primark pyjamas because they are damn cute! Youve been a bit sneaky lately, sneaking into primark on your lunch break oh no! Gonna have to check out the nex Oxford street primark as I havent been to oxford street in a long time! ♥♥

  11. I love Primark but I do have to mentally prepare myself before hitting that shop! I like to buy pieces & match them up with a lil bit of Topshop/H&M (you get my drift). As much as I'd love to shop on Oxford Street I stay in Glasgow :( maybe one day eh?

    Nicole x

  12. Gorgeous shoes! xx

  13. I havent been to the new primark but found the old one of oxford street my idea of hell on earth.

    I dont buy a lot from there but regularly see people in lovely primark stuff, however when i go all i can see is crap!

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  14. looove the polka dot tights! new follower :)

  15. Trust me I know exactly what you mean about primark.. it's packed.. people are so friggin pushy (WHY PUSH ME WOMAN!) and I can never find what I want in the size I want.. GRR. Not a fan ! So think I'm officially the only girl out there who thinks like this lol. Anyway, I love your blog and have become an instant follower :)


  16. I really want to go to this new primark! I don't live in london so it'll be a bit of a train journey but it's supposed to be amazing so might go up this week! x