Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hey darlings! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far? 
I've realised that I hardly ever blog at the weekends, so I thought I'd say hello today to make a change. I'm not sure if I'll end up doing a photo diary this week, it's been a hectic weekend where we didn't really take photos. Friday night we went to the new gastro pub in Clapham called 'The Jam Tree'. There's one in Chelsea too, they do little cocktails that come with jars of jam that you add to sweeten them up, how cute? Yesterday involved taking my dog to the groomers, and we did and Ikea trip too, (I finally tried these meatballs everyone goes on about) so you see, nothing overly exciting to photograph I'm afraid!
I filmed my tanning routine video today, possibly the most awkward video I've made yet (and that's saying something).  I'm looking forward to speaking to some of you tonight in the #bbloggers chat, come say hi if you like, I'm at @HannahMaggs22.

Anyhoo, shall we talk lipstick? Meet my new favourite autumnal shade, Couture by Dainty doll.
If you follow my blog, you might remember I reviewed another Dainty Doll lipstick shade 
here. I really rate these lipsticks, I know at £12.50 a pop each they do fall under the more expensive high street brand, but they are simply gorgeous and definitely worth it. 
When I first applied this, I was a little bit like 'wooooah, it's dark'. I thought it looked a bit gothy. But the longer I had it on, the more it grew on me. Yes, it's a little dramatic, but it's such a beautiful rich shade. I think I'll even be wearing it to the office at some point this week. I just think it's a really gorgeous colour for Autumn and Winter wardrobes. If you can't quite make out the colour, I'm wearing it in the video I've just filmed.

The pigmentation is yet again, incredible. The staying power is awesome, even after you've been eating or drinking. It doesn't stain your lips after removal like some darker shades of lipstick tend to do. As I said before, Dainty Doll are my favourite formula when it comes to lipsticks, they are just so creamy and intensely moisturising. I know Dainty Doll isn't a brand many of you are familiar with, but I'd definitely recommend trying them.

Do you like dark dramatic lipstick shades, or are you too scared to wear them? What's your favourite Autumn lipstick?


  1. i love dark vampy red lips, but am too scared to wear them on myself. somehow i keep getting this feeling that red lips draws attention to any flaws on my face... but the huge plum/red lip trend for fall is really tempting me to step out of my comfort zone!

    rachel xx

  2. I'm looking forward to picking up some darker coloured lipsticks for winter. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to go super dark but we'll see how I go :)

    Chelle x

  3. Ooh what a gorgeous colour! I'm really curious to try a darker colour like that on myself but am scared that it'd just wash all the colour out of my face! Really suits you though :)
    Kaz x

  4. That shade looks soo good on you! You're really pretty anyway :)
    I don't really dare wear bright or dramatic colours as I've just started to wear lipstick in general but it's a really lovely colour! xx

  5. sooo beautiful! suits you soo well xx

  6. That looks amazing on you. I keep buying dark lip colours and I love them but I always get so paranoid when I wear them out. I really can't cope with lipstick, its like a completely new world to me. Lip stains, balms, glosses yes lipsticks just baffle me. I know it's a problem, but I do keep trying like a persistent blogger, this looks gorgeous on you though.


  7. Ah you look amazing! Love the colour of the lipstick (on my to-buy list now, you're a bad influence!) xx

  8. Newest follower to your blog! I am loving it so far : ) That kip stick is just so pretty!

    XO, Kelsey

  9. I love a bold lip! Really nice look. Followed :)

  10. that colour is gorgeous... looks really nice on you! :)

  11. that looks gorgeous on you! I've been looking for a lipstick this shade for a while xxx

  12. Thats a lovely colour and really suits you! I just bought a similar shade called Hot n Sweet by Gosh it was a bargain 99p! xx