Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mac Studio Fix Boldblack Lash Mascara

Hello chummys, should I tell you more about my nail polish obsession?!
 Mmm... I should probably go easy on that. Okay, let's talk mascara.

I stand before you with a giant smile on my face.
This little gem now has a permanent place in my make-up bag. And in my heart.
I seriously love the effect this mascara has on my eye lashes.
I'm a girl who is all about the lash lengthening; I prefer a more subtle look. If you’re looking for thickness and volume, look elsewhere.

As you can see Mac Studio Fix Boldblack Lash mascara has a plastic wand. Personally I am a huge fan of plastic wands, I just don't get on with the bristle ones. But hey, that's just me.
This wand is particularly fabulous because it is so thin, meaning you can easily get to the outer and inner corners of your eye, those pesky little lashes that get missed if you have a big wand. I also found it really great for separating the lashes without clumping. No clumping at all in fact, praise the Lord!

Studio fix is a great subtle yet noticeable daytime mascara. It's easy to build up, if you do want a more dramatic look, 2 or 3 coats will work. It has quite a wet formula, doesn't smudge throughout the day and is easy to remove. You can't ask for any more than that, can you?

Top marks from me, I can't recommend this mascara enough!


  1. Ooh that mascara sounds great - Im more about lengthening too, I hate the look of clumped together mascara over fake eyelashes!

    Gems x

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    1. It really is hun, deffo worth a try :) I'll take a look at your blog :) x

  2. I've tried the zoom fast lash mascara from MAC and really liked that so might have to try this one. Thanks for this review! xx

    1. oooo that's good to know. I literally just walked in and asked for the most lengthening, I didn't even look at the others. I've heard good things about a lot of them though. This is my new fav! xx