Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Charles Worthington Front Row Hair Spray and Mousse

Hello little darlings,
how are your days going?
Mine's been a pretty relaxed one, reading blogs and magazines, and planning a little brownie baking session tonight.

Recently I’ve been trying out Charles Worthington Limited Edition Front Row Lasting Hairspray and Big hair Sculpting Mouse (both £6.29 for 200mls). I have to say, so far, so good!

I don’t really like to go too overboard with hairspray.
If you’re like me, and you just want a natural flexible style to be held in place without it appearing as though you have a head of hairspray, this is perfect. Especially for styling your fringe.
When I’m wearing this I don’t actually feel as though I have hairspray on, great huh?
It doesn’t leave that horrible sticky, crispy feeling, or look wet, no matter how much you use.
It leaves hair pretty flexible and able to move. I like to go stronger on hairspray at the root, and it's pretty darn good at holding that.
It lasts for hours, but I do tend to top up at some point in the day (I do this with all hairsprays though).
Lastly, I will say I am VERY picky when it comes to scents. I absolutely hate any kind of hair product with a really strong fragrance. I'd like to smell of my perfume thanks, not my hair products. So I was really pleasantly surprised when I actually liked this scent. I want to say it's kind of fruity, but it's just really fresh and nice to put in your hair.

If you want to achieve a naturally voluminous barnet, it's just standard that you use a mousse before blow-drying, we all know that.
I find that this mousse was great to use alongside the hairspray for creating the extra volume.
I use a little squirt and scrunch it all through my wet hair, from root to tip, before blow drying with my head upside down.  
This does a very good job of lifting the hair at the root, but also just makes styling SO much easier.

This is how much I use, I have very long hair though, so you may not need as much as me. DON’T overload your hair with mousse; it’ll leave it feeling greasy and heavy.
There is a lot more oomph and body around my crown when I use this, and styling is easier weather you want straight or curly hair, as it makes your hair moldable and not floppy. I find if I use this mousse through the length of my hair before curling, my curls tend to stay in tact a lot better than if I'd just used spray.
Overall I have been really impressed with both of these little beauties,

I do NOT need a 200ml bottle in my bag… but I like these products so much, it hasn't stopped me from lugging them around with me!

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