Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blue Moon

This is my current nail obsession. And I mean OBSESSION. 

Every time I think about applying a new colour, I always seem to go running back to Blue Moon by Barry M like a complete crack addict. I’m even carrying it around with me in my handbag right now. Seriously, I think I have a problem.

I love this shade so much, it’s so light and summery, and brings out your tan too.

I'll be totally honest though, I’m not the biggest fan of their formula. 
I think Barry M have changed there formula and it isn't anywhere near as good as it used to be, some of the shades are very watery. Has anyone else noticed this?
I remember the good old days where you'd only need one coat.
I had to apply about 3 layers of Varnish to get the desired colour. Time consuming, yes, but I'm in love. It happens.

Anyhoo, if you like it as much as me you can buy it HERE for a barginous £2.99.

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