Friday, 16 December 2011

Snow is falling

Today it started snowing Today I had a lovely cup of tea by a cosy open fire place Today I finally feel a teensy bit Christmassy  Today I'm planning on an evening in curled up with a good book under a wooly blanket Today I found a new favourite blog Today I've been looking for Christmas baking recipes Today I've been reading book reviews and affirmations

My favourite festive things: 
Wintery dogwalks with wellies
The smell of pine needles and satsumas
Drinking hot chocolate in pajamas
Matching pajamas
Baking wonderful Christmas treats
Dressing up in sequins
Watching the best Christmas movies
Reading christmas blog posts
and most importantly, snuggling up with the family, awwww.

Have yourselves a  whimsical little Christmas, darlings. Xx

1 comment:

  1. love this post! the city really needs to have a white christmas.

    check out my blog? I always follow back <3