Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation...

Good afternoon beauties,

just a quick one from me, wondering what your thoughts are...

Having read so many great reviews, today I am testing out Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.
I have pondered about changing my foundation for a couple of weeks now. I currently wear Chanel Vitalumiere in shade 20. I'm not sure if my skin has changed, or is just going through a bad phase... but I've gone off the way this looks on my face. A little too dewy, and generally just shiney I think. I'm a tad upset about this as it's been my holy grail foundation for so long now, and I find it so hard to find the perfect foundation.

So off I toddled off to The Garden Pharmacy, and I picked up a cute mini sample of this Estee Lauder foundation in shade "Ecur". I have to say, the lady on the counter was extremely unhelpful... she even told me to pick my own shade. I'm aweful at doing this... I didn't even have my old foundation with me to match up with. So, concequently I do think this shade is a little too pale for me, perhaps that's why I am uncertain of it... but hey, better than being too orange right?!

good points
It is pretty long-wearing make-up and stays fresh. It literally hasnt budged since 7.30 this morning, 9 hours so far with no need to re-apply or use powder.
It gives amazing coverage. I'm running out of concealer at the moment, so I couldn't apply much. This foundation meant that wasn't a problem, it's pretty much flawless.
Application is smooth, and it's easy to get even.
There are quite a range of colors.

bad points
I think it's a matt finish. I was hoping it would be a little dewier. I Love the dewy look, I know I have said this a billion and one times, but personally, this is the look I would always want for my face. I hate the matt look. HATE IT.
I feel abit cakey, I'm very aware of it on my face. Perhaps because I've been used to wearing a more liquidy formula by Chanel. I don't think this is very lightweight at all.

I know some of you are probably thinking it's way to soon to summerise a product after using it for only one day, but having read so many glowing reviews, I am dissapointed with my initial reaction, I expected it to be love at first sight. It retails at £26.50, which is cheaper than my regular foundation. I'm not sure weather to splurge on the whole bottle yet, I think I'll try it out for a few more days and then re-evaluate.

Have any of you ever tried Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation?
If so, what did you think?
Can anyone reccomend a foundation that gives good coverage but is also dewy?

P.s I'll add some photo swatches when I get home, possibly not a full face, not looking my best today :(


  1. I have so much trouble finding a good foundation too; I'm really pale and so most foundations show up orange on me (including NC15 by mac if that gives you any idea of how white i am!).

    I use an Estee Lauder foundation actually.. I cant remember what it's called but it does have a dewy finish (ask at their counter perhaps) but it doesnt have huge coverage which is what I prefer.

    I've actually heard lots of bad things about double wear, and the fact that in photos it totally whites you out due to the spf .. which is dissapointing that you'd have to use a differernt foundation at night considering how expensive it is !

    Ive heard good things about Revlon photo ready actually.. if it's anything like their colourstay then it has great coverage. And its much cheaper!Perhaps try that? x

  2. thanks for the advice lovely :) ure blog tells me you live in aus? i guess you may not have heard of the brand dainty doll? have a look at it online, it specialises in make-up for people with fairer skin... if you can get it delivered there, I have some I can send you :)

    hmmm maybe I'll try out a few of their foundations then, before I decide. My main problem is that I like to have a lot of coverage, which this is great for... but im just not sure how uch i like the finish.... so indecicive!

    I couldnt comment about the whitness in photos yet, but ive heard that too... and it's deffo not what you want!

    oo really? I may have to give revlon a go then, although I'm a bit of a foundation snob and prefer the higher end brands, but a lot of people have seemed to comment on that one.

    Thanks for the tips lovie :) x

  3. I'm in exactly the same boat as you lol, I loved Vitalumiere aqua while my skin was quite dry but I think my skin changed over the summer and become more oily so I went off the way it looked on me... i haven't tried double ware as I've heard it flashes back loads in pictures? (correct me if it doesn't do this!) I'm currently using matchmaster by mac and I would really recommend it - it's not too matte and is less heavy that Studio fix fluid by mac (if you've ever tried that!) hope this helps!xx

  4. ah no way? im so upset cos it has been my fav for sooo long and i used to get so many compliments about my skin when i was wearing it. Now im abit lost :(
    to be honest, i havent tried to take a photo of it, so I'm not sure, but Ive heard that too...
    ill deffo go and get a sample of matchmaker, i think ill try out afew before i commit to anything! Thanks for your advice :) x