Thursday, 8 September 2011

Topshop felt pen eyeliner review, and a spot of baking

Hello my gorgeous little beauties, I'm on a blogging role today, can you tell? 3rd post in as many hours tehe *grins*

This weekend, I'm refusing to make any plans. I'm tired. I want to stay at home aaaaall weekend and get some R&R in, possibly catch up with some products I've been sent to review!
The only thing I'm really planning on doing apart from watching copious amounts of reality TV, and baking some muffins. And then eating them all. Nom Nom.

Carrot cake muffins with the cream frosting on the inside...AMAZE!!

I'm not quite sure mine will turn out as lovely as this, but I can only hope!

Now, let's get down to beauty. A couple of weeks ago, the lovely team for Topshop PR send me a few make-up bits to try, thanks Topshop lovlies :)

One of the products I've been using nearly every day to achieve perfect peepers, is the Topshop felt pen eyeliner in Jet .

Believe it or not I had actually never used a 'felt pen' style eyeliner before, but I love it! It's kind of bizare, I felt like a child using my felt tips on my face. Only good things to say though...

This kind of applicator is super soft (I find sometimes pencils can drag the skin on my eye lid).
It's great for when you want a really precise and controlled application. It gives the most precise line ever! Really good news for those of you who like to do 'flicks' from the corners of your eyes.

Its super long wearing, it doesn't budge. At all. Infact It's actually pretty hard to get off. I loved this, most of you will know I have issues with eyeliner heading south, or giving me watery eyes. This does neither of those things, woop.

Best of all, this fantastic liner is only £6.50. Complete flippin' bargin in my opinion, HELL YEAH!! One for the make-up bag beauties :)



  1. Thanks so much for this review !! I really like your blog, especially this post, as I use a felt pen liner almost everyday and this seems to be THE ONE! i'm gonna try it for sure. xx


  2. aw thank you honey, glad someone is enjoying :) ah if you use a felt liner everyday, i would deffo recommend this one :) which one are you using at the moment? xx