Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nail it!!

Good afternoon my beauties, what a gorgeous day, oui? The sun has finally decided to grace us with it's presence hey?! 28 degrees in LDN I believe...wowza.

However, I am currently cooped up in the office.  I must admit, browsing the Topshop online (on pay-day) is making me feel a little better about missing the all the sunshine. 

And, like the magpie I am, I can't help but notice the beautiful selection of nail varnish colours of late.
Here are the one's that have made it to the top of my wishlist:


Heart of Gold



 Butterscotch babe

I will totes be picking up a couple of these gorgeous shades on my way home tonight, little payday treat :) *grins*

 I wouldn't actually mind having the whole collection to be honest... Oh to be Chloe Green (Topshop heiress)... *sigh*

Have you tried any varnishes from the latest collection? What are you favourites?

Tata for now Xx


  1. Ohhh Butterscotch babe is so beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it! ♥

  2. It is beautiful, I actually tried it on in Topshop last night, perfect autumness!! :)

  3. I haven't tried any but they look gorgeous- agree with Brittany that butterscotch babe looks great. Would love to be Miss Green!xxx

  4. I ended up buying heart of gold....think im in love with it, it looks awesome! yea butterscoth babe next on the list!

  5. These are so gorgeous! I really want butterscotch babe! :) xx

  6. I love ALL of em except Butterscotch. ESP Minted. But I have to save all my money for gas. Commuting to 3 different college campuses 4 days a week breaks the bank.