Tuesday, 12 July 2011

More Moolah on MUA

Hey beauties, 

So I took a little trip to the MUA (Make Up Academy)...

Empty Varnish shelf :( 
Sorry for the bad quality snaps, the lighting wasn't great.

As you can tell, the shelves were pretty empty (sob), and they didn't have the colour lipsticks or glosses I wanted in stock, boo. However I did manage to get swatches from the samples...

 From left to right: Lipstick in shade 1, Gloss in shade 5, Gloss Tube in shade 2.

From what I can tell the lipstick is VERY pigmented, but doesn't feel very moisturising. The glosses both seemed a nice consitancy and smelt like strawberries, yum. I particularly like the gloss in shade 5 as it is a really cute nude/pinky shade. Nude is my fav! Let's hope they come back into stock so I cant test them properly. 

Fear not, I did manage to pick up 2 blushers to review for you beautiful people... 

 From left to right: Pink Shade 1, Bronze Shade 3.

I wanted to give these shades a fair test, so in preperation I washed my favourite blusher brush to make sure there was no colour left from my last used product...

 I threw in a couple of other brushes while I was at it!

Oh my goodness I'm super ashamed about how dirty it was, bleugh! I urge you all to clean your brushes immedietly! 

So, here's how shade 1 (the pinky colour) looks on...

I was completely surprised how much I genuinly like this £1 blusher. It's a perfect 'dolly pink' shade, great to match a light pink lip for summer nights. It's sooo pignmented aswell, you only need to dab a tiny bit on your brush for application, and you can build up colour easily if you want to achieve a brighter look. It settles really nicely too.

This is shade 3...
I realise it looks very similar to shade 1, I used the camera on my phone. Fail. I promise it is actually a dark brown bronzey tone. Lovely. 

Again, I'm very impressed by this bronzer. Lovely tone, highley pigmented, settled well, stayed put. Bish bash bosh, it certainly does the job :) 
If any of you are familiar with NARS products, Shade 3 could literally be twins with NARS 'Orgasm' (with the saving of about £16).
MUA do 4 or 5 different shades for different skintones. I generally switch between pink and bronze so these two choices were great for me.
 Although plain, the packaging is extremley sturdy, fab to chuck in your handbag without worrying about breakages and smashing. If you don't like taking your expensive bits out and about with you, these are great top-up replacements.

You beauties will know I'm more of a high end cosmetics fan, but these £1 blushers have top marks from me. They are SO similar to MAC and NARS blushers.

 MUA is especially great if you are just starting out your make-up collection and want to experiment with different colours and products without spending big bucks. Great for teenagers too!
Give it a go, for £1 per item, you can't really say no, can you? Xx

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