Sunday, 24 July 2011

BOTW Bargin Of The Week

Good afternoon beauties, wow what a gorgeous day, huh?! I’m loving the feel of the sun on my skin today, I hope you are all making the most of it while it lasts, and remember the sun cream!!
I’ve been catching the rays outside with a cuppa, and even had a cheeky snooze. Perfect way to relax on a Sunday in my opinion. 

The neighbour’s cat, Leo, decided that he too, would like a cup of tea in the sun...

And Liza Maggs (although currently poorly with conjunctivitis, poor old dear) has been out all day in the sun too.

Leo wisely making an escape as Liza tries to make friends...

So, what have I got for you this weekend I hear you asking...a complete and utter bargain that’s what!! For those of you who like perfectly defined brows, listen up...

I got to work the other day and realised I had forgot to apply my brow pencil...eeeek!!  I felt naked. So, in panic, I immediately trotted off to Boots to see what I could find. Rimmel’s Proffessional Eyebrow Pencil was such a steal at only £2.99 (plus you get your Boots points too).

I LOVE this eyebrow pencil. I can’t believe I’ve been spending up to £18 on other brands when this was all I needed. This shall be a permanent fixture in my make-up bag from now on. It’s perfect.

I think it comes in around 3 or 4 shades (don’t quote me on that, I’m not exactly sure). I chose '001 Dark Brown'.  The pencil itself needed a little warming up (I do this on the back of my hand), but after doing so, was nice and soft for application. It stayed put all day, and best of all, comes with a little brow brush on the lid to keep those stragglers in check. Everything you need at a fraction of the price other brands charge.  I like it so much better than the one I’ve been using (Clinique) because you can sharpen it and get a really neat line. Super.

I’ll post a photo of the end results, however not today though as I am having a make-up free day for me skin to breathe, and don’t want to put you beauties through that!

Enjoy your evenings Xx

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