Tuesday, 7 June 2011

High Lengths Mascara

Hey beauties, I'm sorry but how the bloomin hell is it June already?! I swear the weeks just fly by in the big L town! Hope you've all been well.

I must again apologise for my recent absence of posts. Things have been so manic lately... amoungst working in Sweaty Slaves (sob) and doing boring grown up things like looking for 'real jobs' I have been seeing friends, going to the movies (p.s the new Xmen film is beyond awesome) and getting the pooches hair cut :) I also kind of lost my mojo abit and didn't really feel like writing. But I'm back baby!!!

 Anyway, at the moment I've been trying out a new mascara. I normally don't like to stray from my Chanel one, but Clinique mascaras are only £15, so just thought I would take the risk. I decided on one called 'high lengths mascara'.

I'm not going to flower up this review, I hated this mascara!! I really didn't get on with it at all. Firstly, the brush is ridiculous. It curls around which could have been good, but just made it impossible to get to the outer and inner corners of my eyelashes. The only way I could get to them was if I applied to my whole set of eyelashes again. The brush was also very difficult to get used to... Being rubber I found it hard to apply the mascara evenly. 

For a mascara which is supposed to be particularly lengthening, I wasn't impressed. If I'm honest I've used high street brands such as Maybelline that have been better. My lashes didn't look long until I'd applied several coats, and even then they weren't amazing. This kind of made them look spidery too... not the look I'm going for. It also meant my lashes looked clumpy by the time they were long. So all in all beauties, not one I would recommend for you, stick to your old faithfuls, ill let you know if I find a mascara worth breaking your routine for!

Anyway beauties, tomorrow I shall be reviewing a gorge new shade of Topshop nailvarnish "Peachs and Cream". Sleep tight.

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