Friday, 1 April 2011

My Nude Lipstick Lowdown

Hey beauties!
How are your days going? I've been having the perfect day off, after a quick morning check up at the vets with my gorgeous pooch, I've spent the afternoon so far sorting out my lipsticks and watching 90's films :)

I don't know about you beauties but I have been a fan of Mac lipsticks for a long time now, and one thing occurred to me  today whilst arranging my vast collection (which is, by the way, ridiculous), how much I LOVE the nude lip style.
Now I know brighter shades are this spring/summers beauty must have, but I just can't help returning to my all time fav, the nude lip, even if it is sooo last year. What do you beauties think? Should I get with the times?!

So today I'm wearing Mac "Satin Myth", a lovely creamy nude shade. 

One thing I do find with Mac lipsticks however, is that they do tend to dry my lips out and make them cracked. I wonder if any of you have the same problem? I haven't had problems with any other brand of lipstick. 
I still stick with Mac though, I love the shades and the price isn't bad (13.50). So, to combat this drying out problem, I tend to wear a gloss both underneath and over the top of my lipsticks. 

Today I'm the gloss I'm wearing is another nude shade my Barry M Glossy Tubes. I've used it so much that the shade number has rubbed off the side, and I know they have discontinued it now (sob sob), but I know they still do a very similar shade. These glosses are only £3.99, and great to slick on top of lipsticks or just wear alone, they smell gorge too, so perfect for all you beauties on a budget. They are easy to find and are sold in almost every Boots and Superdrug shops.

Mac Lipstick Satin Myth
Barry M Glossy Tube (unknown shade)
The Body Shop lip pencil 02 Beech 


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