Friday, 11 February 2011

A Classic Kim Kardashian Look

Hey beauties! 
I've had a guilty obsession with Kim Kardashian for a while now, I can't help but admire her 24/7 flawless make-up. It's almost sickening how beautiful she looks, perfectly arched eyebrows, dark thick eyelashes, plump full lips, and absolutely flawless foundation. Stunning.

According to the Kardashian sisters they all "just want to be groomed" and hair and make up (or as they call it h&m) is a very important aspect of their lives. Kim believes that beauty begins with good grooming, and so should you beauties!

So many bloggers have tried to recreate Kims classic smokey eye, nude lip look, so I thought, who better to show my beauties just how to do it then Ms Kardashian herself?! 
In the video links below Kim and her make up artist Mario give you a step by step tutorial for the perfect look, it is quite advanced in some places, but you can pick out some easier tips too. These are good videos to learn your basic make-up application tricks, enjoy beauties! Xx 

 Part 2) Eyeliner application, Eyelashes, Concealer (under eyes).

 Part 3) Bronzer application, Blush, Lips.

My thoughts....
The beauty blender is basically just a sponge, you can buy make up sponges in Boots, they're really cheap. I find it is best to use a sponge to apply foundation as it give more coverage and a completely flawless look like Kim's. 

I love that Mario uses eyeshadow to fill in brows, who knew! All this time I've been using a pencil, time to experiment....

What a good idea to count when you curl your eyelashes, genius!

Also loving that Kim uses affordable products like Maxfactor, Loreal and Mac alongside more luxury products like Armarni. If it's good enough for Kim, it's good enough for us beauties, give it a go! Xx

 Part 1) Foundation application, Perfect eyebrows, Daytime grey eyes.

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