Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Big Benefit Experience.... Part 2

Good Evening beauties, you'll be pleased to know it's time for the next snippet of Benefit! 

10, a gorgeous bronzing/highlighting combination, I absolutely love it. It comes in a cute little box (a good size for our make up bags) and is half bronzer, half pinky shimmery highlighter. 
10 comes with a square brush, perfect for loading half and half in one effortless sweep. 

You beauties will have to be a little careful when loading your brush, the powder is a little loose, you wont want to apply too much and have that streaky look! A little tip of mine for perfect application, is to tap the brush after loading, so the excess power falls off. Then, blow on the brush and sweep a little onto the back of your hand. This way, it wont look too harsh when you apply it.
Gently sweep the brush from the apples of your cheeks, making sure the highlighter half of the brush is on the tops of you cheeks, and the bronzer is on the bottom, hollow of your cheeks.
Remember beauties, don't take the brush all the way back to your hairline, it will look more natural if you just touch on the cheekbones and hollows.

I just love the mixture of pink and bronze with 10, it really brightens up you face to use the combination rather than just a bronzer alone. 
I'm also really loving the tone of the bronze half, its such a nice natural subtle colour.

Now,  I've got to be totally honest with my beauties, so the only thing I would rate as a negative for this product would be the brush. The hairs of the brush are quite stiff and rather scratchy, they also tend to fall out. So I would recommend you use your own (No.7 do a really nice directional blusher brush).  It is £23.50 but it'll last for months, you wont need to use much.
So it's a pretty good review for my pretties :) Xx

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