Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Big Benefit Experience.... Part 1


Listen up beauties! I love Benefit make up, you can find some really nice bits, the packaging is fun, and the names of products make you giggle too.
It's actually a really positive cosmetics brand, the motto being 
"Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it".
There are some products that I would really recommend, and others that I haven't found so wonderful. My Beautiful Benefit Experience will let you in on all the BBF's of Benefit...

Plump it up (lip plumper)

Want fuller, richer, juicier looking lips- Angelina style? Well, you've found the right product beauties, it actually works and is a great base for lip colour too. "Plump it up" will make you look lip smackingly gorgeous!
Using clean fingertips, just dab a small blob on the centre of your bottom and top lips.

 Soon you'll feel a tingling sensation, this means it's working. You should notice the difference within a couple of minutes and wait another couple of minutes before applying a gloss or lipstick. Just a little warning though, don't get too carried away, you only need a tiny bit otherwise you could end up with tingly puffy lips all day... not what we want!

I wouldn't say "Plump it up" was a make up bag necessity for you beauties, but definitely good for a night out, special date, or just when you want a glamorous boost! Xx 

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