Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beauty Rehab

Hey beauties, 
if your anything like me, addicted to your make-up each and everyday, constantly straightening and curling your hair, you need to TAKE A BEAUTY BREAK!

Make an effort to have at least one day of the week make-up and heat damage free. Give your skin time to breathe, don't even apply face-packs, just leave your skin well alone! It sounds so obvious but it really does work and you will start to see the benefits a little air can do. 

Are any of you beauties guilty of bleaching, hair-drying, GHD abuse? Try a little hair rehab and give it all up for a few days. There are loads of styles you can try that don't involve heat, a low maintenance messy side bun, Natalie Portman style:

Or a slicked back ponytail, Kim Kardashian style:

When I'm feeling in need or a hair remedy, I usually smooth over the tips of my wet hair with a drop or two of baby oil, and rinse thoroughly. It helps to repair damaged ends and adds moisture. Your hair should be glossy and smooth in no time beauties! Xx

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